V2011C WAS Multi-Diag Truck Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth Multi-Language Heavy Duty
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V2011C WAS Multi-Diag Truck Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth Multi-Language Heavy Duty

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WAS Multi-Diag Truck Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth Support multi-language and bluetooth. Hardware need active before using, so after you receive your package, please contact us for active.

WAS Multi-Diag Truck Diagnostic Tool Bluetooth Multi-Language Heavy Duty


1. Software version: V2011C

2. Bluetooth distance: 20M-50M

3. Multi-Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian,Russian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, Rumanian, Serbian, Danish, Finnish, Polish

4. Update: Online update

Multi-Diag Bluetooth Truck Diagnostic Tool Description:

Multi-DIAG Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic tool is the most powerful diagnostic tool for heavy duty bus, and light vehicles.

Multi-diag Truck  covers all European trucks, buses and light vehicles. It develope from Europe, the DTCs and data is absolutely accurate, ad michell and alldata, multi-diag truck includes maintenance information, manual, circuit diagram and device parameters.There is no limit to use the Multi-Diag truck software, when you have done with the software 2 years later, you can active again and go on use two years. Please contact us for active.

Multi-Diag Truck melt MAN CAT III, Renalt DIAG NG3, DAF VCI 560, IVECO EASY, MB SD Connect C4, Scania VCI2 all function in one.

Who Needs the MULTI-DIAG Trucks Software:

Independent heavy duty truck garages that need to diagnose a large variety of different manufactures and models

Technicians that want to use an intuitive diagnostics system

Heavy duty workshops, that want to do more than code reading but also need to do basic settings, adaptations and Calibrations of Specific Systems

Heavy duty workshops that want to access more systems compared to standard tools

Transport companies, that want to diagnose and maintain their existing fleet.

What is advantage of Multi-Diag Bluetooth Truck than other truck scan tools?

1. Compared with PS2, X431 Heavy duty, Multi-Diag Truck testing data all collected from Truck and Bus from European, data more accurate.

2. Compared with Genisys EVO from USA, Multi-Diag Truck is much better on Mercedes Benz, MAN, DEUTZ, VOLVO, SCANIA, Renault those vehicles diagnose.

When you install software please attention:

1. Make sure your computer system time must be the same date as you install the software, please send the file 'key' to our dealer.

Before install the software, check the computer system time, it must be the time of the day, it can't be changed.

2. Before the dealer send you the activation key, please do not disconnect computer power supply and the device, and do not let the computer sleep.

You cannot close computer till successfully active the software.

3. Our dealer will give you the activation key.

Multi-Diag Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Function:

1. Standard Function:

1) Alternate members, control units data parameter, calibration, reset, manual, process

2). Read and Erase Diagnostics trouble codes (DTC)

3). Display fault codes with a code and description

4). Display storewd trouble codes with time stamp

5). Service interval reset (Maintenance systems)

6). Relearn a new clutch(MAN FFR, MB FR, Renault TECU, VOLVO TECU)

7). Relearn new pedal (MAN FFR)

8). Level regulation suspension systems (ECAS, ELC, HM,NR)

9). Calibration of brake pads (VOLVO TRUCKS)

10). Adblue systems diagnostics (Mercedes, VOLVO,DAF, IVECO)

11). Adjust brake pressures (Expert mode)

12). Calibration of pressured air system

13). Support DAF Truck function like Dignose, Messwearte, Ecu Date, Stellglieder, Steuergerate-Daten, Parameter, Kalibrieren, Rucksetzen, Manueller Prozess

2. Systems to Diagnose with MULTIDIAG TRUCK:

Enginemanagement - Injection (Diesel injection) Read and erase fault codes - Live data and parameters display - Activation tests

ABS Brake systems - Read and erase fault codes - Live data and parameters display - Activation tests

Transmission (Read and erase fault codes - Live data and parameters display - Basic calibration with some models)

Retarder (Read and erase fault codes - Live data and parameters display)

Air suspension system (Read and erase fault codes - Live data and parameters display - Level calibration with some models)

Instrument cluster and maintenance system (Service interval reset, maintenance reset, next service)

3. Integrated Workshop Information System: (This function is special, is what WAS Multi-Diag Truck Tool additional provide)

The WAS MULTIDIAG TRUCK not only provides you with excellent diagnostics features, it also integrates a full workshop information system. Model and system specific information is directly linked with the selected model or system. This gives you direct access to the following information:

Default values and expected values compared to your measurements

maintenance plans and maintenance checklists

Torque information, amount of oil and liquid levels

Specific tests of components or component groups. With values hints how to test them

Graphics and drawings of components and where to find them in the truck

4. MULTI-DIAG Tachograph

Additional heater, cabin climate control

Central Computer and body computer

Immobilizer - read and erase fault codes

Body control modules (Door module)

Alarm system (Read and erase fault codes)

exhaust gas treatment, anti pollution (AdBlue System)

Relearn new clutch ( FFR Module, FR Module, TECU Module)

5. MULTI-DIAG Level Calibration

Transmission system - basic calibration (MAN FFR, VOLVO TECU, RENAULT TECU)

Systems search: (ACTROS 2, SCANIA, Renault DXI)

Cylinder test and compression test

Tire pressure control system, airbag, lane guard system)

Multi-Diag Truck Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool Currently Supported Manufacturers


AD, HD7, HD8, HD8 Euro 5, Military, RD

2. Mercedes Benz

Actros, Atego, Axor, Econic, LK, MK,SK, U20, U300, U3000, U400, U4000, U500, U5000, U20, Vario, Zetros

3. MAN

F2000, F90, G90, L2000, LE, M2000, ME, TGA, TGL, TGM, TGS 2007-

4. DAF

65CF, 75CF, 85CF, 95XF, CF65, CF65 IV, CF75, CF75 IV, CF85, CF85 IV, F45, F55, F65, F75, F85, F95, LF45, LF45 IV, LF55, LF55 IV, XF105, XF95

5. Volvo

F10, F12, FE 2006-, FH 2005-, FH12 1993-1997, FH 12 E98 1998-2001, FH 12 V2 2002-2005, FH 16 1993-1997, FH16 E98 1998-2001, FH 16 V2 2002-2005, FM7 1998-2001, FM9 V2 2002-2005, NH 12

6. Renault

G ABS 24/EU12, Anti lock braking system

KERAX ABS l8, Anei lock braking system

KERAX DXi ABS, Anti lock braking system

MAGNUM ABS/ASR C, Ami ink braking system

MAGNUM DXi ABS/ASR c2, Anti lock braking system

MAXITY ABS/ASR D, Ami ink braking system

MIDLINER ABS/ASR E, Ami ink braking system


MIDLUM DXi ADS/SCR Adfilue, Exhaust gases treatment

PREMIUM AES/ASR C2, Anti lock braking systern

PREMIUM DXi APM, Air Production Management

PREMIUM DXi Lander As Tronic, Gearbox with electronic control

R BBM, Bodywork Module

DCI EURO 2, Diesel comroi Injection, Common Rail

DCI EURO 3, Diesel comroi Injection, Common Rail

ebs gen 2, Electronic Braking System

ebs gen 3, Electronic Braking System

EBS, Electronic Braking System

ebs5, Electronic Braking System

ECAS 001, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

ECAS 020/027, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

ECAS 044/403, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

ECAS 303/304/311/312, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

ECS, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

EDC. Electronic Concentrated Control System

EMS Euro 3, Engine Diesel Control

EMS Euro 4/5, Engine Diesel Control

ESA, Steering axle electronically controlled

E-TECH EURO 2, Unit Pump System

E-TECH EURO 3, Unit Pump System

FCU, Light Control unit

FMS, Fleet Moriogorriorir System

GECU, Gearbox lever

HABS, Anti-lock hydraulic braking system

IC04, Instrument Cluster 04

ICU, lmmobilizer Control unit

INS Euro 3, Instrumentation panel

ITC, Injection advance electronic control

RAL, Renault Action Link


Retarder, Retarder


TC0, Tachograph

TECU Allison SAE J1939, 1000/2000 series, Gearbox Managenient systeM

TECU Allison SAE J1939, 3000/4000 series, Gearbox Managenient systeM

TECU, Transmission Electronic control unit

TPM, Tire Pressure Management

vecu EURO 2, Vehicle Electronic comroi Unit

vecu EURO 3, Vehicle Electronic control Unit

VECU, Vehicle Electronic control unit

vMAc, Diesel in-Line Injection Pump

ZF lntarder, Retarder


D100, D110, D120, D60, D75, D80, D90


114,94, 94 OMNICITY, BN 113, K 113, K 124, K230 IB 2005-, K270 IB 2005-, K310 IB, K310 IB 2005-, K340 EB, K340 IB, K380 EB, K420 EB, K420 IB, K470 EB, L 113, N 113, N230 UB 2005-, N270 UB 2005-, N310 UB 2005-,

9. Kenworth

CB500B, K100E -2003, K260 2006-, K360 2006-, KW45 2004-2006, KW55 2004-2006, T170 2007-, T2000 1997-, T270 2007-, T300 Class 6 1994-, T300 Class 7 1994-, T370 2007-, T400 1995-2003, T440 2008-, T450 -2003, T600 1995-2007, T660 2008-, T700 2008-, T800, W900 1994-

10. Peterbilt

210 2008-, 220 2008-, 320, 330 1995-, 335 2005-, 340 2007-, 357 -2007, 365 2008-, 367 2008-, 378 -2007, 379 -2007, 384 2008-, 385 1996-2007, 386 2006-, 387 2000-, 388 2008-, 389 2008-, 587

11. Mack

CH/CHN Series -2007, CL-612 1998-2002, CL-613 1998-2002, CL-712 1993-2002, CL-713 1993-2002, CL-733 2003-2007, CS-200 -2003, CS-250 -2003, CS-300 -2003, DM-690 -2006, DMM-6906 -2002, Granite 2001-, Granite Axle Black 2007-, Granite Bridge Formula 2007-, LE Series 1995-2007, MR-690 -2007, MS-200 -2003, MS-250 -2003, MS-300 -2003, MV-322 2002-2004, Pinnacle Daycab Axle Back 2007-, Pinnacle Daycab Axle Forwad 2007-, Pinnacle Sleeper Axle Back 2007-, Pinnacle Sleeper Axle Forward 2007-, RB-690 -2005, RD-690 -2005, RD-888 1999-2005, TerraPro Cabover 2008-, TerraPro Low Entry 2008-, Titan TD-713 2008-, Vision CX 2001-2005, Vision CXN 2005-2007

11. Freightliner

12. Scania

113 ABS C2/C3, Anti lock braking system

114 ABS CP12, Anti lock braking system

124 ABS n, Anti lock braking system

143 ABS P4, Anti lock braking System

144 AHS ATA, Auxiliary heater system, air to air

164 AHS WTA, Air-water heater auxiliary system

93 APS, Compressed Air Supply

94 AUS, Audio system

G 230 AWD, All-Wheel Drive

G 270 BMS, Brakes Management System

G 280 BUS ECAS, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

G 310 BWS, Body Work System

G 320 ccs, Climate Control System

G 340 COO, Coordinator

G 360 css, Crash Safety System

G 380 EBS 2.0, Electronic Braking System

G 400 EBS 2.1, Electronic Braking System

G 420 EBS 2.2, Electronic Braking System

G 440 EDC MS 6.2, Engine Managment System, Unit Injector System

G 470 EDC MS5, Diesel in-Line.ine Injection Pump

G 480 EDC S6 HPI, High Pressure Injection

P 230 EEC. SCR AdBlue Exhaust gases treatment

P 270 ELC 4X2, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

P 280 ELC gen 2, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

P 310 ELC gen 2.1, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

P 320 EMS HPI, High Pressure Injection

P 340 EMS PDE, Engine Managment System, Unit Injector System

P 360 EMS XPl, eXtra-high Pressure Injection, cerrirrieri Rail

P 380 FMS. Fleet Management System

P 400 GMS, Gearbox Mariagerrierir System

P 420 ICL,lnstrumentation panel

R 230 LAS, Locking and Alarm system

R 270 Opticruise, Gearbox with electronic control

R 310 RET, Retarder

R 340 Retarder, Retarder

R 360 RTI, Road Transport lnformation

R 380 SMS, Suspension Management System

R 400 SS, System seari

R 420 TC0, Tachograph

R 440 VIS, Visibility System

R 470

R 480

R 500

R 560

R 580

R 620

13. International


Eurostar LD ABS D, Anti lock braking System

Eurostar LD Cursor CM, Cab module

Eurocargo 2008 CU, Cab Climate Control

Eurocargo Cavallino DDM, Driver door module

Eurocargo ML cm: Engine DENOXTRONIC, Exhaust gases treatment

Eurocargo ML Tector2002 Ebersp?cher, Auxiliary Heater

Eurocargo ML Tector2003 EBES 2, Brake central unit

Eurocargo ML Tector2006 EBS 2, Brake central unit

surefire ML CNG Engine EBS, Electronic Braking SyStem

surefire ML Tector2002 ECAS 4X2 , Electronically Controlled Air suspension

surefire ML Tector2003 ECAS 4X2 A, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

surefire ML Tector2006 sure us ECAS 4X2 A, tio, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

Euromover Euro 2/3 ECAS 4X2 Ratio, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

Eurotech MH RSU Cursor ECAS 6X2, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

Eurotech MP RSU ECAS CAN, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

Eurotech MPIMH Cursor ECAS KWP, Electronically Controlled Air suspension

Eurotech MT/MP EcAs, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

Eurotrakker MP EDC 7 UC31, Electronic Diesel Control, Common Rail

Eurotrakker MP Cursor EDC 7, Electronic Diesel Control, Common Rail

Stralis AD CNG Euro M5 EDC M7, Diesel in-Line Injection Pump

Stralis AD-N CNG 2008 EDC M7, Diesel ln-Line ine Injection Pump

Stralis As 2007 EDC MS6.2, Engine Managment System, Unit Injector System

Stralis As Euro 3 EDC7 UC31, Engine Managment System, Unit Injector System

Stralis As Euro 4/5 EES 2, Brake central unit

Stralis AT-AD Euro 3 EES, Electronic Braking System

Stralis AT-AD Euro 4/5 EST-42, Retarder

Stralis AT-N/AD-N 2007 Eurotronic 2, Gearbox with electronic control

Trakker Euro 2/3 FFM, Front Frame Module

Trakker Euro 3, 2000 IBC, Body computer

Trakker Euro 4/5/EEV IBC3, Body computer

IC, Instrumentation panel


lntarder CAN. Retarder

lntarder KWP, Retarder

PDM, Passenger Door Module

RFM, Rear Frame Module



16. FORD

17. NISSAN(Atleon, Cabstar, OBD)

18. BMC (518, 625, 628)



21. Mercedes Benz Busses

22. Iveco busses

23. Man Busses

24. Renault busses

25. Scania busses

26. Volvo Busses

Multi-Diag Bluetooth TRCUK Diagnostic tool software and Vehicle List Display:

European Vehicle List:


Multi-Diag Package List:

1pc x Multi-DiaG main unit(with Bluetooth antenna

1pc x DB37 main cable                                           




1); DB37 TO VEHICLE: (JDC 213M2)

2); DB37 TO VEHICLE: (JDC 212M2)

3); TME3902804,(JDC 101M2)

4); TME3902805,(JDC 102M2)

5); TME3902806,(JDC 103M2)

6); TME3902807,(JDC 108M2) 

7); TME3902808,(JDC 110M2) 

8); TME3902809,(JDC 201M2)

9); TME3902810,(JDC 202M2)

10);TME3902811,(JDC 203M2)

11);TME3902812,(JDC 205M2) 

12);TME3902813,(JDC 206M2) 

13);TME3902814,(JDC 207M2)

14);TME3902815,(JDC 209M2)

15);TME3902816,(JDC 210M2)

16);TME3902817,(JDC 401M2)

1pc x DB15 TO VEHICLE:  TME3902760

1pc x  ADAPTOR AND CABLE BOX (Contain: Jumper Mainline, Battery Clip, Cigarette Lighter Power, Jumper Head 20pc)

1pc x DVD Software

1pc x DB15 TO VEHICLE: TME3902760

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