Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We ship every business day!

Most orders are shipped within one business day. If you place your order in time for our pickup (about 3:00 PM Pacific Time, M-F) it will ship the same day. Occasionally pickup is late and we can get orders out as late a 4:00 PM. If you place an order after pickup, it will go out the next business day.

Sometimes the boss makes us work on Saturdays. On those days we will also ship if the order comes in before noon, but we cannot ship Airmail, DHL, or UPS orders on Saturdays. Priority, Express, Global Express and Global Priority shipments are the only shipping methods that can be shipped on Saturday.

Tracking Numbers

Orders shipped USPS Priority Mail have Delivery Confirmation Numbers, which are used to show proof of delivery, not as "Tracking Numbers" in the true sense of the phrase. We do not include package insurance on Priority mail shipments. If you require insurance please use an insured method (DHL or UPS). OBD Diagnostics is not responsible for items lost in the mail. If the Post Office says it is delivered, then it has been delivered - whether or not you have received it.

First Class mail has no tracking number or insurance.

Global Priority Mail does not include a tracking number, but does have a customs label number to show proof of mailing.

Global Express mail from the Post Office does include a tracking number.

DHL and UPS shipping also provide complete tracking. When we ship your order you will receive an email with the tracking number as well as a link to the tracking page of DHL or UPS.

Select your shipping method bearing in mind the level of tracking, guarantee, and insurance you require.

We can ship your order worldwide!

Delivery times vary by country and location within the country, but international shipments generally arrive in major metropolitan areas within a week, and even most rural areas within 2 weeks.

The largest single factor in shipping internationally is customs. The package can arrive in your country in a few days, but then sit in customs for weeks. This is

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